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I’ve been helping people with their pain right here in Pioneer Park for over 25 years. I’m extremely committed to helping all of my patients regain their mobility and confidence.

My team believes in using a “hands-on-approach”. Finding the cause of your symptoms is the most important thing – we help people move past their pain and enjoy healthy lives. Many of my patients visit me with a health concern they don’t understand.

You’ll be involved in the entire process, from education to treatment and daily exercises.


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Pat Hilton

I’ve worked with Dr. Ron Vander Beek for 23 years, as a Chiropractic Health Assistant and Office Manager.

My first experience with chiropractic was through my husband. He fell under a skid at work and had been off work for two years. He was 40 years old then, and was told there was nothing that could be done for him. The lady who worked with Dr. Vander Beek at that time told us that he should see a chiropractor. He had done physio for months, walked, and exercised painfully every day. We were both hesitant, but my husband said he had nothing to lose. Dr. Vander Beek had Bill back to work within 3 months, and he still receives chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis.

I’m married with two children, a stepdaughter, and five grandchildren – we all see Dr. Vander Beek for our chiropractic care. My four year old granddaughter is in gymnastics and she was complaining of a sore leg. My daughter brought her in straight away for an adjustment. Emilee said that she felt much better. Even at a young age, children can tell when they are misaligned and need to see the chiropractor. This makes for a healthier generation, without pills.

I love my job, and enjoy meeting new people and watching the small miracles that occur in the office. I’ve had a few myself, so I understand the pain and discomfort people can be in. It’s incredible to watch someone crawl into the office, and walk out straight. They’re so thankful, and have hope that they can get back to normal once again.

All I can say is that we would love to meet you, and help you if you have any health problems that chiropractic may help! We can help you be the best, and healthiest you can be.


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